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Hi Creatives! 

When I first started to get into professional songwriting in Nashville, I learned from the best in town. I put myself into writing sessions that scared me! What I mean by this is I wanted to be challenged by the experience. 

At first this stopped my creative flow, because I was worried that my ideas weren’t good enough or wouldn’t be accepted. 

I was afraid, I let fear stop my creative flow. 

I had to build my confidence and part of building my own confidence was to just put it out there! My ideas, my melodies, my rhymes, my talent. 

What stops your creative flow? Do you trust yourself to just let it flow? 

I started practicing yoga a few years ago and one thing I learned about yoga was that transitions are the toughest part of the practice. In other words, how to flow freely and easily from one pose to another. 

Think of your creative ideas as yoga poses and don’t be afraid to push through the transition from one idea to the next. Get into the flow! You can do it with confidence, style, and ease. You have the gifts, just don’t be afraid to let them flow. 

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