My course, “Spark Your Creativity: The First Steps to a Successful Creative Journey” was created specifically for you in mind. I wanted to share what I’ve learned about myself and my own creative endeavors. I wanted to put what I learned about staying inspired and what worked for me when I got focused about my career all in one course. 

I have much to share with you about how you can feel creatively and  how to become successful as a creative person. This is your journey, Let’s get started. This course is just the beginning. 

Whatever you do, stay inspired. 



                                                                                                                       (Kirsti getting creative on the set)


Hi Creatives! 

When I first started to get into professional songwriting in Nashville, I learned from the best in town. I put myself into writing sessions that scared me! What I mean by this…

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Getting Out of Your Own Way

Greetings Creatives 

Module 1 of my new course “Spark Your Creativity: The Steps to a Successful Creative Journey” is so important! 

Who out there has experienced anxiety and fear about acceptance as a creative? My hand is high up in…

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