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#1 Hit Songwriter, Keynote Performer, and Educator Kirsti Manna combines her powerful songs with her infectious energy, enthusiasm, caring tone, and quick wit to create an interactive experience of fun and inspired action

Kirsti Manna Feature Writer on Creativity at Healthcare Business Today  

Kirsti Manna Feature Writer on Creativity at Healthcare Business Today

We are so excited to let you know that Kirsti is now a featured writer on Creativity at Healthcare Business Today. The third Tuesday of each month, Kirsti will share her creative wisdom with a focus on mental health, well-being and overall staying inspired during times that are - at times - quite challenging for creatives. And, she will also be providing her expertise to share with creatives who operate in the healthcare market space. Check out her first article, "Are You a Creative: How Do You Know You Are a Creative Person?" at the link above.



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Hi Creatives! 

When I first started to get into professional songwriting in Nashville, I learned from the best in town. I put myself into writing sessions that scared me! What I mean by this is I wanted to be challenged by the experience. 

At first this stopped my creative flow, because I was worried that my ideas weren’t good enough or wouldn’t be accepted. 

I was afraid, I let fear stop my creative flow. 

I had to build my confidence and part of building my own confidence was to just put it out there! My ideas, my melodies, my rhymes, my talent. 

What stops your creative flow? Do you trust yourself to just let it flow? 

I started practicing yoga a few years ago and one thing I learned about yoga was that transitions are the toughest part of the practice. In other words, how to flow freely and easily from one pose to another. 

Think of your creative ideas as yoga poses and don’t be afraid to push through the transition from one idea to the next. Get into the flow! You can do it with confidence, style, and ease. You have the gifts, just don’t be afraid to let them flow. 

I hope you will check out my new course “Spark Your Creativity: The Steps to a Successful Creative Journey.” 

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If you are a creative, and need a spark of creative flow, this course is for you! 

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Getting Out of Your Own Way 

Greetings Creatives 

Module 1 of my new course “Spark Your Creativity: The Steps to a Successful Creative Journey” is so important! 

Who out there has experienced anxiety and fear about acceptance as a creative? My hand is high up in the air right now! 

Yes, it was sometimes scary to face myself in the realm of self discovery, but I knew I had to make changes. I had to make changes if I wanted to succeed! 

Let’s keep it simple, success can mean a lot of things, but the first steps to success as a creative is GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! 

Isn’t it time to discover what fears are keeping you from taking the next steps. 

Please watch this short video about why I’m so passionate about identifying fear. 

Kirsti's Getting Out of Your Own Way 3 Biggest Fears Video

Let’s get on a journey together! 

Here’s how to get started: 

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Kirsti Manna and David Kent's six-week Billboard #1 hit song "Austin" introduced the world to Blake Shelton, who now plays a major role in NBC's "The Voice."