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In keynote concert style, Nashville's #1 hit songwriter, founder of "Songwriter Girl," and award-winning multiple media performer, Kirsti Manna, connects with her audiences through her infectious energy, enthusiasm, quick wit, and spontaneity.  Universal emotions and the realities of life depicted in her powerful songs never fail to uplift, move and inspire.  As an international speaker, she provides a fun, unforgettable experience to her audiences with music, message and encouragement.

"I NEED A MOMENT" Keynote Concert

This multi-dimensional program serves to both motivate AND entertain. Using her multi-platinum songs and inspirational, motivational stories, Kirsti creates a dynamic, humorous, moving, and uplifting program. She weaves her songs with the story of her own journey from musical theater wunderkind and nightclub warrior, to chart topping #1 hit songwriter, TV show creator, author, and founder and host of Songwriter Girl events.


Need a kick to your creativity? "Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired" is a a dynamic program designed to energize and challenge audiences to discover their untapped potential. Funny, fast-paced and entertaining, it's perfect for small organizations to large companies. With music and message, award-winning #1 hit songwriter Kirsti Manna shares her songs, philosophy, and takeaways, and motivates the audience to inspired action in their own lives and workplace. "Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired," is a community-building session full of fun and humor. This multimedia "keynote concert" is sure to open or close your event on an inspired note. 

For keynote concert and workshop bookings contact:

Bill Warner
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For keynote concert and workshop bookings contact:

Bill Warner